About Kindaland Childcare Centre

Kindaland Childcare Centre was established in 2009 and is privately owned. This purpose built centre is located in the heart of Campbellfield with 3 local schools within a 5km radius and the main street shops (Pascoe Vale Road) just a brisk walk away to accommodate for many different families.

Kindaland Childcare Centre has many resources and has implemented an emergent curriculum as part of the Early Years Learning Framework to cater for all your child's needs and interests driven by our early childhood educators with the main focus of family values. With its outdoor yards catering for many little feet to run around the 3-5 year old yard has a large playground to get all the kinder children moving around, whilst our toddler yard have miniature playgrounds well equipped outdoor toys to keep the children occupied for hours.

Kindaland Childcare Centre has a funded 4 year old Kinder program which focuses on preparing the children for the next big step of their lives in entering their first year of Primary School. The centre also has a Kindergarten assistant to ensure that the 4 year old funded program is implemented to efficiently so that the kinder children have the best start to the Primary school environment.