Kindaland Childcare Centre prides itself on ensuring that families are made to feel comfortable leaving their children in the care of our professional educators. Whilst our staff are qualified and have many years of experience in the childcare field as well as industry knowledge, every educator makes it their number one priority to give families piece of mind and assurance in giving the utmost care to their children. Families are encouraged to call and speak to educators briefly on how their child is doing at the centre.

Each room also has a communication book for families and educators to work together to ensure that all information regarding their child is known and passed on to the relevant educators. Daily Reflection journals are also used in each room to display all the children's activities performed throughout the day so that families can actually 'see' what their child have done and how their child's development is excelling at our centre on a day to day basis. Every Friday children experience the Hey Dee Ho music program for all age groups, to enhance children's motor skills and teach them multi lingual nursery rhymes, songs & story telling.