Blue Room (3-4)

The blue room is the centre's kindergarten room. The blue room holds 16 children with two educators. The blue room have many visits throughout the year to teach the children about safety at school like crossing the road, stranger danger etc. The kinder children focus on writing skills learning how to spell their name and learn their address and key phone numbers in case they are in need of help. The blue room allows the children to explore the world around them through mathematical and scientific experiences and learning how things work and why they exist using scales and cooking experiences to see how things transform. The blue room focuses on preparing the children for 'school readiness' which involves children bringing in lunch boxes in term 4 to practice unwrapping their lunch. A Kinder t-shirt is given to the children to start wearing in term 4 as a 'uniform'.

What to bring for children in the blue room:
  • A spare set of clothes
  • Sun cream for children with sensitive skin