Green Room (4-5)

The 4-5 year old room holds up to 20 children with a Kindergarten teacher and an assistant. The green room is the biggest room of the centre and the busiest. The green room provide children with high quality play experiences that support initiative, creativity and self esteem. Educators allow children the opportunities to be responsible through packing up after experiences and transition times. The green room encourages children to make their own decisions with experiences they shows interest in and about turn taking and using social skills to create imaginary and role play through child initiated experiences and to show patience in completing challenging experience to enhance motor skills and individual development of the children. The green room has more group time and learning experiences to prepare them for 4 year old kinder whether it be at sessional kinder or within our centre's 4 year old kinder funded program. Some children even begin to practice writing letters of the alphabet & numbers.

What to bring for children in the green room:
  • At least a spare set of clothing
  • Sun cream for children with sensitive skin