Orange Room (2-3)

The orange room also holds a maximum of 16 children and has 4 educators also and caters for children aged 2-3 years. Like the yellow room the orange room caters for each individual's child's needs and interests on a day to day basis. The orange room has more challenging activities and experiences set out for them than the yellow rooms although the routine is nearly the same. Sleep/rest time is after lunch and children in the orange room are learning more about colour recognition, number recognition up to the number 5, sometimes up to 10 towards the end of the year rather than mimicking. The alphabet is introduced through educator initiated experiences through the use of flash cards, displaying various objects help the children with the recognition of the alphabet. Many children at this age are talking a lot more and have a better balance of their motor skills as they begin to grow more independent and start to communicate more; through the emergent curriculum, educators are able to create more child initiated play through the communication from the children.

What to bring for children in the orange room:
  • At least 3 sets of spare clothing - including spare pairs of underwear
  • Sun cream for children with sensitive skin
  • A home nappy (if required)
  • A milk bottle (if required)