Pink Room (0-1)

The pink room is our infants' room. It holds a maximum of 7 children with two educators for children aged 6 weeks to 1 year. The educators in the pink room work closely with families to ensure that their precious little bundles of joy are catered for based on the routines and patterns that families are doing at home are also done here at the centre. Using individual daily information sheets, parents/ guardians have easy access to their child's routine throughout the day to ensure that when children are collected families know what "due next "for their child. Meal times vary in the pink room depending on the individual child and are catered by the centre. Cow's milk/soymilk is also supplied by the centre. Families are to provide their own formula and bottles, with one to kept on premises on a daily basis. The curriculum is more educator and family initiated through the singing of nursery rhymes, dancing and clapping hands to utilise and enhance their growing motor skills.

What to bring for children in the pink room:
  • At least 3 sets of spare clothing
  • A home nappy
  • A milk to bottle to be kept at the centre
  • Any comforters used during sleep/rest time
  • Formula for children not on cow's milk
  • Sun cream for children with sensitive skin
  • Baby powder or nappy rash cream for nappy changes(if required)