Yellow Room (1-2)

The yellow room holds a maximum of 16 children with 4 staff. The yellow room caters for children aged 1-2 years. The yellow room is where the fun begins for families as their children reach important milestones in such a short period of time. Children begin to say words, learn names and even start to walk. Children in the yellow room have indoor & outdoor play. Experiences set out for the children in the yellow room are based on encouraging children to achieve milestones through social play and cognitive experiences to enhance a child's development through their interests. Educators work closely with families to ensure that what families are doing at home to achieve milestones are also been carried out in the same manner at the centre. Family experiences at home play a large part in the emergent curriculum of the yellow room. With so much happening in just one year of a child's life, the centre ensures that all children's needs are met through the program and encouraging ample family involvement. Children in the yellow room begin to learn about basic colour recognition e.g., blue, yellow, red; mimicking educators when counting (1,2, 3) and learning educator names through pointing and repetition. Children in the yellow room are transitioned from the pink room to ween the children into one sleep. Once in the yellow room, educators will introduce cow's milk, transition from a cot to a raised bed (about 10cm off the ground), weening children off comforters (e.g. dummies) with help from the families.

What to bring for children in the yellow room:
  • At least 3 sets of spare clothes
  • A milk bottle (if required)
  • Formula (if required)
  • A home nappy
  • A milk to bottle to be kept at the centre
  • Any comforters used during sleep/rest time
  • Sun cream for children with sensitive skin
  • Baby powder or nappy rash cream for nappy changes(if required)